is a decentralized and self organizing logistics network with no central authority
run by machines, based on blockchain & powered by AI

What is Swarm Logistics

Swarm Logistics is a decentralized & self organizing logistics network.
We are creating the technology to enable the world’s first "decentralized autonomous logistics organization" (DALO) with hyper efficient sourcing and a peer to peer coordination.

We are building the „Business Operating System“ thus the brain for logistics companies in the „machine economy“. It is enabling algorithmic freight trading, truck platooning and Swarm Logistics through an inter-fleet coordination network.

Swarm Logistics will be the new industry standard with blockchain technology as the backbone and we will provide the nervous system.


You can download the Swarm Logistics whitepaper for free.

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We are an experienced team of logistics and computer science experts based in Stuttgart, Germany and dedicated to Swarm Logistics with autonomous vehicles, decentralization and algorithmic freight trading. We want to introduce "machine economy" to logistics and create the world's first "decentralized autonomous logistics organization" (DALO).

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