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Swarm Logistics is a deep tech software technology company specializing in the development of intelligent, autonomous transportation systems.

We create the software technology to fully automate the coordination & orchestration of heterogeneous fleets with trucks, autonomous vehicles, AGVs & delivery robots in open environments for an ad hoc adaptable and flexible supply chain.

customers experience
fully automated dispatching and scheduling


Carry out your daily dispatching, scheduling and planning of a whole fleet in a few minutes, fully automated by one mouse click.

→ freight (trucks, commercial vehicles)
→ personnel transportation (taxis, buses etc.)
→ service fleets
→ Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
→ round-trips
→ pick up and delivery
→ long hauls
→ last mile etc.

You receive detailed tour plans for all your vehicles that can be exported to a navigation system, so drivers have just to follow the instructions on the screen.

→ time windows (e.g. opening-, ramp times), payload, volume
→ truck maps, different driver profiles and tolls
→ working time restrictions of drivers
→ different de- & loading time, time and costs of stops
→ calculation of estimated time of arrival (ETA)
→ cost calculation of each tour (heterogeneous vehicle fleets)
→ complete integration of an accounting system
→ freight is freely definable (volume, payload, stackable etc.)
→ right sequence for the loaders

You can integrate the Auto-Dispatcher easily into the existing Transport Management Systems (TMS) using the REST API interface.

Bring your company into the age of automation utilizing the speed and precision of a computer & artificial intelligence based planning.

For a more detailed description please take a closer look at the results of our Proof of Concept. [Read More]

Cost savings

Our system can save you up to 35% in costs, with better planned tours and routes taking all constraints into account. Furthermore the amount of dispatchers can be reduced.

faster dispatching

Our customers experience up to 95% time saving for dispatching, scheduling and planning of tours. We can reduce your time for dispatching from many hours to a few minutes. Enable new business models like "same day delivery" or "Mobility as a Service (MaaS)".

increase delivery speed

With the same amount of vehicles our customers manage to delivery the same amount of cargo in up to 35% faster time and thus freeing up resources for additional business or reducing the needed amount of vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence

The Auto-Dispatcher is based on a complex algorithm that is constantly improving itself with the use of artificial intelligence.

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team and partner

Who we are

We are an experienced team of logistics and computer science experts based in Stuttgart, Germany. Our interdisciplinary team has experience in Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, industrial grade software implementation, algorithmic trading and Game theory. We have worked as scientists for world class research institutes, building mobility platforms for multinational automotive corporations, being government advisers and entrepreneurs.

We collaborate with the world's leading researchers and research institutions in the fields of distributed artificial intelligence, multi robot systems, tour-planning, decentralized systems and swarm intelligence.

Our company is supported and financed by the European Space Agency - business incubation centre.


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