Swarm Logistics
AI powered Digital Business Twins

to orchestrate transports

Swarm Logistics is a Deep-Tech software technology company specializing in the development of Fleet Control Systems in open environments.

We provide systems to fully automate the coordination & orchestration of heterogeneous fleets with trucks, cars, buses, autonomous vehicles & delivery robots in open environments. We model Digital Business Twins of vehicles to let them make autonomous decisions and self-organize as a fleet.

Our vision is to enable the Machine Economy (or more recently called "Economy in the Metaverse" or "MetaEconomy") in logistics, what we call Swarm Logistics, where vehicles of competing companies orchestrate themselves fully autonomously with flexible time and location for trans-shipments. Vehicles are coordinating themselves like swarms on a server-less infrastructure based on Distributed Ledger Technology.

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Who we are

We are an experienced team of logistics and computer science experts based in Stuttgart, Germany. Our interdisciplinary team has experience in Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, industrial grade software implementation, algorithmic trading and Game theory. We have worked as scientists for world class research institutes, building mobility platforms for multinational automotive corporations, being government advisers and entrepreneurs.

We collaborate with the world's leading researchers and research institutions in the fields of Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Robot Systems, Tour-planning, Decentralized Systems and Swarm Intelligence.

Our company is solidly financed by a German Automotive Supplier. Furthermore we are financed and supported by the European Space Agency - business incubation centre.


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